Objective Experience offers well-equipped rooms and services to meet all your UX and market research needs. We have ideal facilities from a testing lab with eye trackers and video/audio recordings to an observation room that can be converted for focus groups, stakeholder workshops or a training boardroom when needed. Let us handle the recruitment of research participants that truly represents your actual users. Engage our Consultants to manage your research end to end.

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Testing Lab Facilities

Objective Experience's state of the art facilities for Research, Testing and Training are conveniently located near Little India MRT. Our service offerings include:

Live shopper studies • Private testing rooms
• Live stream viewing room with Whitewall
• Adobe Connect remote viewing option
• A large boardroom for focus groups stakeholder workshops
• Latest Tobii Eye Tracking technology
• Real World simulated testing, e.g. grocery bays
• Recruitment Services
• Full Catering Concierge Services available
• Reception services







Singapore Research Network

Our Singapore Research Network recruitment service finds the right participants for your study.

• Recruitment online using social media
• Rigid process for quality control
• Rapid recruitment of participants based on demographic and lifestyle segmentation criteria


Eye Tracker for Rentals

We have a range of eye trackers for all your research needs. Areas of research that uses eye trackers include shopper research, shelf-testing, ad pack testing, usability testing, psychology research, driving studies and more. Remote support can be provided. Contact us to find the perfect eye tracker for your research.


Tobii Glasses 2, portable Tobii X2-30 and mobile device stand portrayed here.

Our full range of eye trackers: Tobii Glasses 2, Tobii X2-30/X2-60, Tobii T60/T120, Tobii TX300, Tobii T60XL, and Tobii X60/X120.




Rates for the Research Hub Recruitment

Singapore Testing Facilities

Per Day (SGD)

Lab Hire: Testing and Viewing room only (with remote viewing capabilities)


Lab Hire: Testing and Viewing room (with Eye Tracking and remote viewing capabilities)



15-40/per pax


Type of Research


Incentives (SGD)

Recruitment per pax (SGD) *

In-depth interviews or usability testing

45–60 minutes

80 – 120

90 – 150

Focus Groups

60-90 minutes

70 - 150

Call to enquire

(*) Rates are aligned with the level of recruiting difficulty and incidence rates.


Email: infosg@objectiveexperience.com | Call: +65 6737 4511